The Institute of Rail Transport [IRT] was incorporated in 1964,with its headquarters in New Delhi, It has branches at all nine zonal Railway Headquarters-Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Gorakhpur, Secunderabad and also Research Design and Standards Organisation at Lucknow, Integral Coach Factory at Chennai, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works at Chittaranjan, Diesel Locomotive Works at Varanasi, Wheel & Axle Plant at Bangalore, Centre for Railway Information Services [CRIS] at New Delhi and Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala. The IRT is managed by a Governing Council which includes Chairman and Members of the Railway Board, the General Managers of the Zonal Railways Production units and other Senior Railway Personnel.


The main objectives behind the setting up of the Institute of Rail Transport are:-

  1. To promote and foster the study of the science and art of rail transport and management.

  2. To extend, increase and disseminate knowledge and exchange ideas pertaining to rail transport and its development.

  3. To arrange seminars, lectures and presentations of technical papers on subjects pertaining to rail transport , multimodal transport and management.

The Institute serves as a bank of ideas and thoughts. It has lot of senior experienced people as its members. These senior members enrich the Institute with their knowledge and experience which can be taken advantage of by the young officers and supervisors.

This is the only institution where railway men from all departments and non-railway men can meet and interact freely without any inhibition and departmental bias.

Over the years IRT has kept pace with the changing needs and demands of the modern world. In keeping with the time, IRT has embraced other forms of transportation such as road transport, riverine sea and air transport. IRT has also given attention to the advances in telecommunication, computer technology as they develop interfaces with transport technology.